I SPEND the entire morning sending personal ‘thank you’ emails to folks who supported last night’s livestream concert. I also do a couple of quick ‘thank you’ livestreams – one to my page and one to my profile.

After a quick lunch I move on to acknowledging and responding to the comments on the livestream. After an hour or so I’m going boss-eyed and go out for a walk while Margaret embarks on one of her couch to 5k outings.

We can get a lot of the provisions and stuff we need from the local shop or online…but there’s some stuff that calls for a Costco and supermarket visit. After making a list we go on our first Costco outing for a month…then the supermarket. There’s a few things to pick up for Betty and Joe – we drop them off and get home soon after 8pm.

We’re kinda puggled by the time we’ve put the shopping away and sit down to a bowl of chilli in front of the telly…