Andouille sausage mince/mix ready for tomorrow’s sausage making…

TOP of today’s priority list is writing the news release for Nine Pound Hammer and putting together a downloadable resource for radio/media.

There’s two bits of pork shoulder needing cut up and separated for Andouille sausage mix and pork casserole. I’ve found this a really economical use of pork shoulder – before I started making sausage, a lot of the trimmed fat went to waste and cutting it up was a pain in the ass.

The cubed pork for casseroles etc is bagged and put in the freezer then I make up the seasoning mix for the sausage and mix it through the meat which is refrigerated for an hour or two before mincing.

I make myself a fried chick’n vegan sandwich for lunch – there’s a lump of seitan left in the fridge. I slice it up, dip in flour, beaten egg and seasoned breadcrumbs and stick it in the air fryer. I’m surprised how good the result is and stick it between a couple fo slices of toast with some lettuce, tomato and mayo. Awesome!

Next I hit the studio to record some radio idents – some of the radio presenters getting the new single have asked for them. Its a fairly straightforward job other than the fact that I need to tidy up the mess in the studio before I start.

Back in the house I mince the pork – a job made a lot easier with last year’s purchase of an electric mincer. The resulting sausage filling is put in the fridge and some hog sausage casings put in to soak ready for the sausage making tomorrow.