This batch of Andouille sausage is lookin’ good…

FIRST task of the day is stuffing the Andouille sausage. The dogskin casings have been soaking overnight and the pork/seasoning mince mixture chillin’ in the fridge.

Although it’s possible to do this single-handedly, it’s easier with two of us, so Margret helps out and we end up with some nice links which now need hung in front of a fan for an hour or two, then put on the smoker.

I notice the fan – which is kept outside under the BBQ/smoker shelter – is covered in birdshit – Margaret reckons we need clean it so we don’t ‘blow’ bird shit stuff over the sausage. I agree and we spend the next half hour getting the fan out it’s cage and giving the whole thing a good clean.

I hang the sausages up and then go for a walk and Margaret her couch to 5k run.

When we get back I make some lunch – there was a handful of sausage mixture leftover which I pressed into a patty. I fry it up and put in a brioche bun with a coupla slices of cheese. Ym. Not quite andouille sausage as there’s been no smoking, but it is good.

Outside I get the smoker going. These sausage needs smoked at a low temperature starting at 120°F rising to 140°F over three or four hours until the internal temperature of the sausage reaches 165°F. Quite how it does that I don’t understand…but the hard part is keeping the smoker going and temperature steady at such a low het without letting the fire go out.

I’ve been re-jigging the studio and trying to streamline the technical side of things which means some new learning is required. I do some research and watch some YoUTube videos until the sausage is ready to come out the smoker. net stage is to hang it up again, spry with cold water and put the fan on it for another hour or so. Then it can go in the fridge overnight.

We have a bit of a picnic dinner – there’s some paella left over form last night – not enough for a meal tho’, so Margaret heats up a frozen pizza and we enjoy the weird juxtaposition of food on our plates in front of the telly.