Margaret ready to fly the livestream… 🙂

I DO a wee bit online promo for my slot on the Lock-In NHS fundraiser this evening then get busy with some reports for the PRS Members’ fund.

An online meeting with G7th capos helps push the ‘signature capo’ project forward. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce something Coll int he next week or so…then it’s time for a Skype lesson with one of my guitar students.

I have a prescription to pick up in the village so after lunch Margaret drives me down then I walk back. It’s only four or five miles but I’m knackered when I get home. No time to fanny about tho’, we need to start getting set up for my slot on the NHS fundraiser. It starts at 7pm and there’s four acts on before I close the show at 9.30pm.

I decided it might be easier to work with a green screen setup than hanging a black backdrop and lights and there’s a fair bit of setup and testing required. We’re sticking with a one-camera setup so’s not to over-complicate things.

We’re finally set-up, tested and happy with everything just after 9pm…still 20-minutes ’til I go live – not enough time for dinner tho’. That’ll have to wait.

For once the livestream goes pretty much to plan with no technical complications or breakdowns. By 10.30pm I’m almost tidied up..dinner’s ready to’, so I abandon the rest of clear-up ’til tomorrow and we eat then head to bed. Knackered!