Episode one of Cookin’ Up The Blues…!

I’M UP early to get some stuff done before my last-minute call to help out in the village shop for a couple of hours this morning.

The sun’s shining when I leave the shop and dash up the road for my 11am slide guitar masterclass with one of my students over Zoom.

After the Zoom masterclass I take the opportunity to cut the grass then make some gyoza for lunch which I enjoy outside in the sunshine.

There’s still a load of prep to do for tonight’s (Monday) debut livestream episode of Cookin’ Up The Blues…and a lot of technical set up.

Lights, camera, sound, monitoring. It all takes a while then I do a quick dummy run to check everything’s working. It is…but I realise that this is gonna quite a stressful livestream and I’ve maybe bitten off more than I can chew!

It’s still nice weather outdoors, so I have a walk up the lochside and think through how I might get round some of the logistical challenges off doing the entire stream flying solo.

I’m home in time to prep some of tonight’s dinner then I hit the studio. Sod’s law, of course, says that although everything was working earlier, cheeped, double-checked the output from the main camera has become a black screen. Aaargh…

With just a couple ’til go live I frantically fiddle with settings and finally get things fixed. Of course I’m stressed to fuck and go live just a minute or two late.

Luckily everything goes relatively to plan and I’m fairly pleased with the resulting stream. See it above.