EVERYONE’S up at a decent time. I have breakfast then head off to meet Martyn for a walk and a catch up.

We take wee Oran in Martyn’s backpack baby carrier and have a grand walk.

When I get back, Catriona, Freya and Aaron re getting ready to go…we say cheerio then I have a sandwich before embarking on some video edits in the studio.

I spend the rest of the afternoon editing up two recipes for tomorrow’s (Monday) Cookin’ up the Blues livestream. I’m only just back in the house when the chairman of Monaghan’s Harvest Time Blues Festival calls to discuss my participation this years virtual festival. next weekend.

I’m happy to do help out and we chat over arrangements. I’ll play a 40-minute set for them next Sunday (6 September) at 9.25pm.

Sandy drops by and we sit outside with a coffee and chat for a while then I embark on tonight’s jambalaya which we eat while watching our pal Bill’s regular Sunday night livestream concert from Florida.