AFTER breakfast my tongue finds a big gap in my teeth. The temporary crown has disappeared. I’ve either swallowed it in the night or it’s gone down with my breakfast!

I’m in a hurry to get some merch to the postbox so it doesn’t miss last pickup later on…then into the studio for a Skype guitar lesson with one of my online students so I ask Margaret to call the dentist and see if there’s any chance of an emergency appointment.

After the lesson I get some admin done then go back to the house for lunch. Margaret ,managed to sort an appointment for Monday but since realised it clashes with something in the diary. I call them back and by pure luck there’s been a cancellation for 5pm today. I’m in!

I don’t want to get in a ankle with Monday’s Cookin’ Up The Blues so I consult my plan and start pulling together the video I need.

I’ve made good progress by the time Margaret drops me at the dentist. The rain’s off and I thought it’d be an idea to get a lift there then walk back.

I’m home in time to sort out a few odds and ends then we head off to our pals in Gartmore for dinner. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since February and we have a greta night catching up.