I pull off a nice snap of Balmaha bay with Conic Hill in the background…

AFTER having my curiosity about camera wireless remote control piqued in a review of Nikon’s latest mirrorless cameras I do a bit of searching online.

There’s no chance I can afford a new camera in the foreseeable, but if I can find something to offer remote ‘tethering’, that would be a step up. I find a few with various pluses and minuses then discover the Case Air from TetherTools. Seems a bit too good to be true, but I find a UK supplier and order one. Watch this space!

There’s still some work to do sorting Joe’s computer and I’m just finishing when Betty drops by for a coffee. Good timing…she can take the laptop back 🙂

It’s turned into a nice day and it’s not too windy so I put the drone up to grab some video for the archive and some snaps…I manage to put together a nice image of Balmaha bay with Conic Hill in the background.

Catriona and the kids arrive as we’re finishing lunch and I head to the studio to work on a wee music project I’ve dreamt up then set up for an online slide guitar masterclass with a new student in Texas.

After a walk up the lochside I make a start preparing dinner then we take a walk up Craigie Fort with the drone as I wanna get some sunset cottage in the archive. We stop in to see Betty and Joe on the way home non have a chat and a glass of red.

Back home, I finish making dinner and we watch a little telly before bed. I’ll check out the sunset video footage and photos tomorrow…