Vietnamese beef on the grill…then we eat by the fire pit…

THERE’S a bit of scrabble to get all the routine stuff out the way before setting up for a Skype video lesson with my student in Ireland.

I’m really glad I resurrected the online guitar lessons when lockdown kicked in…and the decent connection now we have fibre combined with my studio re-modelling have made them a joy to do.

Back in the house I hit the kitchen and marinade some flank steak for tonight’s Vietnamese beef and make a bunch of burgers for tomorrow. Mikey and Harriet are coming and it’s looking like good weather, so we’ll eat outside tomorrow night….and tonight!!

The gizmo I found to allow me to wirelessly control and preview images from the camera via my phone/iPad arrives after lunch.

Before I can check it out, though, I need to sort an email problem. None of the email accounts on Margaret’s laptop are working and the problem is echoed on computer too…I contact the hosting company and find there’s a problem with their cloud mail server, so all e can do is sit tight ’til it’s sorted. Shouldn’t;t be too long!

I finally open the package of the Case Air but it’s dead as a dodo and I can’t seem to get it to take a charge. I plug it in again and leave it to see if that helps.

Meantime, I go through some of the drone footage and photos I took form Craigie Fort last night. Some quite nice stuff. I archive the video footage and create a panorama form some of the photos.

It’s a beautiful afternoon and I go for a walk up the lochside. When I get back, Marty drops by – he needs some help unloading a big tank from the back of his van.

Once done, I go and join Margaret at Betty and joe’s a for a pre-dinner drink then we go back home, light the fire pit and grill and have dinner outside.

It’s a lovely night and we sit by the fire chatting, looking at the stars and enjoy a glass or three of red.