TOP of this morning’s list so to make a start on the video edits for Monday’s livestream episode of Cookin’ Up the Blues.

I get through some of it by the time Mikey and Harriet arrive and sit in the garden chatting. We have some lunch then they go for a walk and I go back to the studio and get through another good portion of the video editing.

While in the studio I also manage to get the Case Air gizmo for the camera to take a charge and get it up and running. Things look promising, but I need to find out how to get it to preview aperture and shutter speed changes.

When I go back tot he house for a break Mikey and Harriet are back – an Harriet’s wee dog Nero is knackered after the walk!

We chat a while then milky and I go for a wander in the forest and find lots of different mushrooms, all quickly identified with the Seek app on my iPhone – a free, and really useful, plant identification app. Just point the camera at the flower, plant, tree etc and it tells you what it is!

I hit the studio and get a little more work done then join everyone in garden, open a beer and light a chimneyful of charcoal for the grill. Everyone loves the burgers and we chat away the night round the fire pit with a few glasses of red.