Episode six of Cookin’ Up The Blues – a BBQ special with smoked ribs, BBQ sauce and cornbread…plus some tunes…

MONDAY again! That means I need to focus on promo for this evening’s (Monday) epsiode of Cookin’ Up The Blues. Episode six already!

That doesn’t mean that there’s not loads of other stuff to do too.

National Reso-Phonic needs some more stuff to go with the video I sent them – and I decide to edit a landscape version too and fire that off with the added biog info. They get right back and send me a nice wee tip too!

By the time I have all he prep done for tonight’s livestream, National has posted the video round social media. Nice.

There’s not really time for a proper walk, so I take a quick half-hour daunder through the forest then get straight back to the studio and set up for the livestream

For once I have everything order with some time to spare. True to form, though, there’s a technical issue…the main camera suddenly freezes and won’t allow itself to be connected on restart. Fuck sake. It seems no matter how carefull;y I prepare, something happens just before go-live!

With a minute to go, I manage to get everything back yup and running, and all goes well…in the midst of the show, though, the knock-on effect of the camera hassle earlier means that the pre-recorded videos scenes don’t have an active mic for the live voice-over. I get it sorted. I’ve got two more livestreams in the series…wonder if any of them wiil go without a tech ical hitch…or fuck-up on my part!

After a quick clear up I go for another wee walk to calm my nerves while Margaret makes dinner…