The final episode in my Cookin’ Up The Blues livestream series…red beans & rice; pork, chorizo & butterbean casserole…and some live tunes…

THE alarm goes off early – there’s a full diary today.

I have an online guitar session at 11am and really need to get the videos done for tonight’s Cookin’ Up The Blues before then. I manage to get the majority of the edit done.

There’s a online meeting with a Swedish company and it’s Scottish-based promoter about a potential project. Watch this space!

After making some fried chicken baguettes for lunch I get back to the studio and manage to finish the two main video segments to spin into tonight’s livestream before another online session.

There’s other prep to be done for the livestream and some last minute promotion before I manage to get out for a quick walk in the forest. It’s dark when I get home and hit the studio to set up for the livestream.

The livestream goes smoothly…I’m kinda glad it’s the last one in the series though. It’s been fun, but I don’t;l think I quite appreciated how much work I was gonna have to put into it.

Next stop, next week’s Zoom sessions…