ANOTHER shift in the village shop later today, so a lot to get through.

I’m keen to finish the video supporting my pal Luke in the USA who got taken to hospital last week for an emergency operation…the resulting bills could hang over his head for years to come if we can’t help him.

I filmed some stuff using green screen last night and need to go out and grab some footage form the lochside to sit in the background. There’s not a lot of time and I grab the wee Osmo Pocket camera and rush off. When I get to the spot I want to film I realise I left the memory card in the computer downloading last night’s footage. Damn. The Osmo will record to my iPhone memory but it; nowhere near as good. Ah well…

I’m home in time for a bowl of soup, then I scarper to the shop. The weather is fine and the village – and shop – is busy…I’m puggled when I get home shortly after 10pm and have dinner and much looked forward to dram.