Sunday 14 August 2016

MARGARET wakes me with a bag of presents and a birthday card. Birthday? Me? So it is. Fifty-two today. Jeez.

We have a lazy morning and breakfast then I go for a wee walk with Martyn and the dug…then back to Martyn and Louise’s for a wee snack.

Back home Margaret’s been tidying up in the garden – I help out when I get back and we get a fair bit of prop done for her big party next weekend.

Next stop, Betty and Joe’s – they’ve asked us round for a birthday drink and Betty’s prepared a lovely wee spread ofpre-dinenr snacks. We have a great couple of hours chatting and drinking wine then we wander home.

Margaret knocks up a nice steak and chips for dinner then we settle down and watch Andy Murray take the gold in the Olympic tennis singles 🙂


Saturday 23 July 2016

MARGARET’s already making apple and rhubarb pies of the coffee shop when I wake up and head for the shower.

After breakfast I do a bit of catch-up work on a month-long blog feature I’m doing for ProSoundNews Europe – a diary-cum-tech piece documenting a month on the road through the eyes of an independent touring musician.

We’re off to Catriona and Will’s tonight and won;t be back ’til late tomorrow afternoon..then we leave at 3am Monday morning for Estonia, so I get all my gear ready and Margaret does some packing preparation. We’ve already sorted out all the merch and stuff that’s going.

We thought we were gonna have to go into Glasgow and pick up some extra t-shirts we were having printed, but Martyn and Louise are in Glasgow and offered to collect them for us which a great time-saver. We’ll stop by their place and get them on the way home tomorrow afternoon.

After an early dinner we head to Stirling to Catriona and Will’s…drinks…a magic speed of snacks…more wine and lots of chat 🙂

Thursday 7 July 2016

I update the Facebook event and ad image to reflect the York venue change

I update the Facebook event and ad image to reflect the York venue change

SITTING up in bed drinking coffee and checking emails…but they ain’t coming in.

I suspect it’s because the hosting folks have migrated all my websites to their new cloud server which means the email server names etc will have changed.

On the laptop I login to my account and check the support ticket I raised and sure enough, there’s a message confirming all’s been updated and with all the new server info. That was quick! I check all the website’s I host with the hosting company and they’re all good. Phew!

I just starting to update the email; client on my laptop when the phone rings…it’s the web host support folks to check all’s OK and I have the info I need. Now that’s pretty damn good service and support – especially as the move to upgraded server platform and PHP updates have all been free. I’m seriously impressed.

There’s a few domains and quite a lot of email accounts involved, so it takes a good while to update things on both our MacBooks and iPhones but worth the effort as it’s also cleared up a few email anomalies that I couldn’t solve and we just had to live with in the past.

After much to-ing and fro-ing via email and on the phone, we agree on a deal to move next week’s York show from Fibbers to The Woolpack.

That brings up a load of work – we need to update our US pals Swampcandy who’re playing the gig (and Newcastle) with me, create new Facebook cover images for my page and profile, amend the landing page on my website, change the event on Facebook and the related image, change the Facebook ad that;s running to promote the show.

Then there’s poster art to email down to the new venue, online versions of the poster art to spread about and various other social media announcements.

It’s after 5pm when I finally get out for a walk and clear my head.

Two hours and a couple of podcasts later I get home in time to tidy up and head along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner – we’re joining them, Barbara and Thorsten and (another!) Dave and Margaret.

A great night 🙂

Saturday 25 June 2016

Nice to have a few drams with Stuart at the wedding reception...

Nice to have a few drams with Stuart at the wedding reception…

I DELIVER Margaret’s Apple and rhubarb pies to the coffe shop then get some work done.

Our planned accommodation in Dundee next weekend’s fallen through which brings two problems – (a) the inflated hotel prices for last minute bookings and (b) it’s gonna be hard to find any available rooms as it’s Almost Blue weekend. Ah well.

To add to our woes Margaret finds a Travelodge room, books it and then realises she made a mistake with the dates. Non-refundable. Bahhhhhhh.

There’s a bunch of online promo to be done – mostly inviting folks to Facebook events set up for forthcoming gig – then I have a nap.

We’re off to Greenock for Jonny and Suzanne’s wedding reception.

We check in to our ‘hotel apartment’ which is a bit like a prison block. Clean enough tho’ and fine for a night’s sleep.

The reception’s at Greenock Town Hall which is only a third of a mile away but it’s torrential rain so once we’re changed Margaret calls a taxi and minutes later we’re congratulating Jonny and Suzanne and sitting down with a drink.

Quite a few folks we know here and it’s not long before we’re joined by Stuart and Ashley. The band is Port Town Rockers – a local rockabilly band who play a couple of fine sets. In between I catch up with our Attica Rage pals, sound engineer Roddy and the beard of doom himself, Tom Russell who – along with partner Jean – comes to sit with us.

A great night and we stagger back to the place we’re staying. Nowhere to get any grub in Greenock after 1am but we’ll probably be thankful in the morning that we avoided late night chips/kebabs/whatever…