Friday 30 January 2016

I stumble across a neatly edited clip from River City earlier this year featuring yours truly….click above to watch!

ANOTHER (!) long lie. Yesterday’s alcohol-free day and exercise doesn’t seem to have made waking up any easier.

Ah well, can’t have done any harm.

Once the decks are clear I put a little more thought into a possible live album project. Looks like we need some serious cash before we can start any serious planning tho’.

While looking for something else online, I find someone’s edited and uploaded a clip from BBC Scotland’s River City that I appeared in back in May.

In the studio I search through various hard drives –backups, archives etc – and realise that I need another drive if I’m going to keep archiving stuff. At least, even, just to shuffle the archive files between drives. Apparently they degrade even if they’re being used. Jeez. 

I also need to make a decision on whether or not to keep the gigabytes’-worth of unused footage from various projects. I shuffle stuff around but not really sure if I’m achieving anything.

It’s getting late when I head back to the house for dinner and collapse in front of the telly and watch a documentary about Adele and chill.