Wednesday 1 March 2017

Some amazing images at Will Wilson’s exhibition – really glad I managed to stop by today. Click the image to visit Will on Facebook.

AN early jaunt into Glasgow – I drop Margaret off then head for the VW garage on Crow Road.

The car’s booked in for whatever it is that VW need to do as a result of the ’emissions scandal’. I don;t suspect we’ll notice any difference! Anyway, I leave it at the garage and wander up to Morrisons at Anniesland Cross for a roll and sausage.

I’m not long finished my second coffee when the garage calls to say the car’s ready.

Back on the road, I head out to Dalmuir Library’s Back Door Gallery to check out my pal Will Wilson’s photo exhibition. There’s some really cool music photos and some other nice images too. Well worth a visit.

I make it back into town in time for my 1.30pm haircut at the Soul Barber Room. Scott’s bust his arm, so James does the honours, and a fine haircut it is too.

I have a late lunch at Costco while getting some shopping then onto Tesco before picking up Margaret.

I’d had a message from Fiona asking if I could transfer a VHS tape to digital/DVD – we’re not long home when she arrives and we set the transfer in motion and have a drink. About an hour in there’s a power cut which fucks things up a bit….twenty minutes later we’re back on but I’ve abandoned the video transfer for another day.

Steven pops in to get Fiona back home and we have another beer and a blether before realising it;s after 9.30pm and no-one’s had dinner yet.

They head off, we have dinner and I get on with some work before bed.

Friday 8 April 2016

MARGARET shakes me. Where the hell are we? Jeez…it’s after 11am.

We’re at Jon and Maggi’s. I’ve got a hell of a hangover and we can smell breakfast.

A shower and some grub help me recover and we chat for a while before we say cheerio and go for some shopping on the way home. We’ll see our pals again on Monday – they’re coming for lunch and we’re gonna record some stuff for Jon in the studio.

As well as the usual Tesco and Costco stuff, we visit theApple Store at Braehead for a keyboard. I’d hoped to pick one up in town yesterday, but seeing as the Buchanan Street Apple Store is ‘closed for refurbishment’ that didn’t happen. Funny, Maggi reckons it’s not going to reopen at all. I had the same feeling…and when we get home some pals drop in for a coffee and, unprompted, they expressed the same view!

Our pals and their two kids head off and we have a snack…I’m still feeling pretty rough.

We light the fire and laze around then I make a poor attempt at getting some work done. I do manage to get some things done, but it’s slow progress! The new keyboard – Apple’s “magic” keyboard – was pretty damn expensive, but when I unbox it and try it I see why. It’s really nicely made, extremely compact and is rechargeable via the (supplied) USB to lightning cable which would probably cost £15/£20 on it’s own. It’s really nice to use as well, although as I explain to Margaret, it;s hard to get excited about a computer keyboard. Anyway, it’s a good part solution to the ‘elevated MacBook’ setup I’m planning to (hopefully) resolve the upper back and neck ache.

Laptop stands in the Apple store are pretty expensive, but I need to do something as the pile of books on the dining room table isn’t very practical or attractive. I find one on Amazon from Amazon Basics at £15 with free next day delivery. That’ll do.

Neither of us are hungry, the idea of a beer – let alone a dram – turns my stomach so we have an early night.