Friday 21 July 2017

Grand to catch up – and share the bill with – Bob Wayne again

IN the studio I run through some of the songs I’ll be playing at tonight’s show then start packing the gear.

Last time I played Bathgate we had difficulty finding somewhere to eat and ended up spending a fortune on shite sandwiches out the petrol station so I suggest we roast some veg and prepare some quinoa to make up salads with grilled halloumi. Cheaper and, I’m pretty sure, healthier 😉

We get the veg and quinoa going so they have a change to cool down before we make the salads.

I spend a few hours editing the ‘making of’ video for the new album. It’s become a bit more labour intensive than I intended but hey-ho. Also there’s some cutaways and stuff needing filmed…and some graphics created. 

The car’s packed mid-afternoon and we hit the road to Bathgate. Opening band Brothers Outlaw are already there and setting up – Bob Wayne and his band are stuck on the motorway and gonna be late so we all soundcheck and Bob’ll do a quick line check after my set.

Ahhhhh….whisky. Cheers Sandy!

Doors open at 7pm and when Brothers Outlaw take the stage to open the show there’s a good crowd in. It’s their debut show and they play a mighty fine set. We like these guys 🙂

I manage to break a string just before starting my second song and hope the string change doesn’t cause too much of a hiatus…fair takes the wind oot ma sails tho’! Regardless, the crowd is enthusiastic and I have a blast.

Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies play a stormer and then we hang out at the merch table chatting with folks before loading out soon after midnight.

A stop at McDonalds keeps hunger at bay and we’re home by 1.30am.

I survive a broken string at the statr of my set…

Brothers Outlaw open the show and play an impressive debut