Friday 18 August 2017

A capacity crowd at the The Cluny means Margaret can’t get to the front to take pix πŸ™‚

AFTER packing up some more pre-orders to drop at the post office I get the gear read for tonight’s show in Newcastle.

We leave just after midday and take turns driving. It;s not so far, but the traffic as we hit Newcastle is terrible.

The Cluny has booked us into a nice hotel at Gateshead quays and we’ve time to stop by there, check in and dump some bags before heading to the venue.

Rev and Breezy Peyton – and their drummer Max – have already soundchecked and engineer Dave is ready for me to load in and set up.

Soundcheck’s straightforward and it;s nice to catch up with everyone….Rev and Breezy have helped us a lot with shows in their hometown of Brown County, Indiana.

We’re taken through for dinner – which is great – then go back through to the venue before doors. The gig is almost sold out in advance and it looks like walk-ups will mean a capacity crowd.

I do a wee Facebook livestream from backstage and by the time I hit the stage the place is full. 

I have a blast and the audience is fantastic. Then I get to relax and enjoy Rev Peyton;s Big Damn Band, we chat with folks at the merch table and hang out for a while after the show then it;s back to the hotel.

Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band play a blinder.

Saturday 15 April 2017

AFTER a pretty lazy start to the day I start work on putting together a downloadable EP of some tracks recorded at the live album recording show that aren’t going too be on the vinyl or CD formats of the album.

There’s nothing wrong with the tracks/recordings, it just wasn’t possible to fit them all on the CD or double vinyl, so I think I ca put them to good use as a free promo download incentive for folks to join my mail list and also to trail the album. Might even be good for some radio promo too.

There’s a number of ways I can set this up and I pend a while planning out the best way to work it.

I don’t get far, tho’ as I end up spending two hours trying to work out what’s wrong with my online store after a customer emailed to say they couldn’t buy a shirt! For some reason my t-shirts aren’t checking out properly…but CDs,vinyl and other items are all OK. Weird.

After much poking about, it looks like a WooCommerce update has stopped variable products from inheriting the ‘parent’ product’s shipping class. My solution – for anyone affected by the same problem – is go into each variation and set the shipping class manually ie: choose the correct class rather than the ‘same as parent’ option.

I’m glad the customer took the time to let me know there was a problem rather than abandoning their purchase…I’m also glad I only did the update last night, so hopefully haven;t lost too many orders from folks giving up.

Our pals Barbara and Thorsten have finally been able to move into their new house nearby and have invited us along for a drink. Haven’t seen them in a while and it’s nice to catch up. Thorsten’s done an amazing job building all the insides of the house.

It’s quite late when we get home and make some dinner then watch Big Gold Dream on the iPlayer – a documentary film about the independent post-punk music scene in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Definitely worth a look, but – like most of these things – focusses on the ‘chosen few’ and funded by Creative Scotland. Some things haven’t changed.

I find it frustrating that Scotland’s funding/support networks consistently support individuals or specific acts – often the same ones on an ongoing basis – rather than building resources and creating opportunities that all musicians/songwriters can use and tap into…