Sunday 19 August 2018

Not music, not food..the new bowel cancer screening jobby testing kit!

IT happened as soon as I hit 50. Then again a few days after my 52nd birthday…and sure as hell the day after I turned 54 (last week). The NHS bowel cancer screening jobby card.

Except it’s not a card anymore, it’s a wee plastic thing. A good thing as there’s only need for one ‘sample’ rather than the three that the old cared called for. You still have to find a way to catch the jobby before it’s contaminated by hitting the lavvy water tho’.

It’s always made me laugh that some folks can catch a jobby on a handful of bog roll. Mine would need two hands and even that’d be taking a chance!

Anyway, I decide now is as good a time as any, so my first job of the day is…erm…a jobby. I won’t go into any details, other than say it’s lot quicker, easier and less involved than the old method.

Onward I go…and after breakfast I spend some time on the USA bookings/tour for October into November.

There’s a few gaps to be filled and some things to be chased up. I also need to move all the info from the rather clumsy spreadsheet I used into a new database…I think I already explained my need to move away from the cumbersome a sluggish booking system I built using TapForms to something a bit slicker .., and the possible solution I found called Airtable.

I update add to the info as I start building the Airtable booking system and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good. I need to explore more of its features and sharing/collaboration.

The day is spent working on the USA stuff then I finally get out for a walk before it’s time to make dinner.

I do the tofu for the black pepper tofu in the air fryer…and it;s the best yet. Definitely better not to use frozen tofu int he air fryer as the different – more spongy – texture soaks up the oil and marinade rather than coating the tofu cubes…