Sunday 19 August 2018

Not music, not food..the new bowel cancer screening jobby testing kit!

IT happened as soon as I hit 50. Then again a few days after my 52nd birthday…and sure as hell the day after I turned 54 (last week). The NHS bowel cancer screening jobby card.

Except it’s not a card anymore, it’s a wee plastic thing. A good thing as there’s only need for one ‘sample’ rather than the three that the old cared called for. You still have to find a way to catch the jobby before it’s contaminated by hitting the lavvy water tho’.

It’s always made me laugh that some folks can catch a jobby on a handful of bog roll. Mine would need two hands and even that’d be taking a chance!

Anyway, I decide now is as good a time as any, so my first job of the day is…erm…a jobby. I won’t go into any details, other than say it’s lot quicker, easier and less involved than the old method.

Onward I go…and after breakfast I spend some time on the USA bookings/tour for October into November.

There’s a few gaps to be filled and some things to be chased up. I also need to move all the info from the rather clumsy spreadsheet I used into a new database…I think I already explained my need to move away from the cumbersome a sluggish booking system I built using TapForms to something a bit slicker .., and the possible solution I found called Airtable.

I update add to the info as I start building the Airtable booking system and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good. I need to explore more of its features and sharing/collaboration.

The day is spent working on the USA stuff then I finally get out for a walk before it’s time to make dinner.

I do the tofu for the black pepper tofu in the air fryer…and it;s the best yet. Definitely better not to use frozen tofu int he air fryer as the different – more spongy – texture soaks up the oil and marinade rather than coating the tofu cubes…

Monday 16 April 2018

I manage to reinstate the accidentally reformatted FlashAir card…

A 6.45am call from a courier with a delivery gets me out of bed…

No bad thing, really, as Margaret’s gonna be in Glasgow all day today and the kitchen folks are coming around 9am to start ripping out our cranky old kitchen.

After breakfast I tidy up some more stuff in preparation for the kitchen chaos and am already out in the office getting some work done when the guys arrive. 

I get them sorted out then back in the office embark on my first priority job – fixing the Toshiba FlashAir wifi camera card that I stupidly reformatted in the camera on Saturday resulting in the loss of the wifi functionality.

The Toshiba software won’t run on the latest Mac OS that runs on our laptops…and the big Mac in the studio is running an OS that;s too old so I had to try and find another way. Despite fruitless searching online – all pointing to reformatting the card using computer software – I mess about and fix things by accident. Re-setting the card and using the default wireless key to reconnect to the iOS app.

Next, I have a story to prepare for publication on the website later in the week.

I put together a makeshift lunch – avocado with tuna, spring onions and sriracha mayo – in the office then get busy with my dreaded tax return.

I’m about a third of the way thought when  the internet drops out and I realise the guys working in the house have turned the electricity off. A wee warning  would’ve been good!

Anyway, a few hours later, the tax return is done and submitted electronically. Phew.

King Tut’s announce my Glasgow show on Thursday 22 November and put tickets on sale here.

I have a  bunch more stuff to do then we head along to Betty and Joe’s – knowing our kitchen is out of order for the week, they’ve very kindly invited us along for dinner 🙂