Friday 30 September 2016

A gala dinner followed by a ceilidh gets Balmaha's Braw Weekend off to a fine start....

A gala dinner followed by a ceilidh gets Balmaha’s Braw Weekend off to a fine start….

MARGARET’S got an emergency dentist appointment – something’s not right after yesterday’s treatment –so I drop her off in the village on my way into Glasgow.

I’m playing three songs for a TradTV and filming is at midday – I’m not exactly prepared, but have an idea of what I’ll play!

The session goes great then I stop at a McDonald’s in  the hope my Facebook video trailer for the USA tour will upload a bit faster from their wifi – it didn’t work from home! McDonalds wifi is crap too, so I end up tethering my phone and using my mobile connection. It works.

When I get home, Margaret’s still uncomfortable…the dentist couldn’t find anything wrong, so she’s got an appointment with the doctor later

.There’s a crazy amount of stuff needing done for the USA tour and some phone calls setting up some PR stuff then we get ourselves ready for the Balmaha’s Braw Weekend launch – a gala dinner and ceilidh in the main marquee.

We have a brilliant night of food, dancing and drinking…it’s gonna be a great weekend!