Saturday 24 December 2016

The radio and internet’s full of the latest ‘elf on the shelf’ shenanigans…these MOFOs have been around for as long as I can remember. AT least 50 years!

MY first job today is to get the rub on the turkey. A tricky feat.

Once doen there’s some wood to chop to make sure we’re good over Christmas then Catriona arrives.

I decide to make the cherry stuffing which, along with the turkey going on the smoker, will help relieve pressure in the kitchen tomorrow. It’s quite a job – diced and crisp-fried streaky bacon; celery and onion fried int he bacon dripping; chicken stock…all mixed with bread cubes, chopped, dried cherries, rubbed sage, thyme, salt and pepper. One year I’ll show yas how to make it!

We bag up the mixture and stick it in the fridge ready for tomorrow.

The prosecco and other fizz is going down a storm with Margaret, Les and Catriona. I stick to beer meantime.

Mikey rolls up just after 8pm and we enjoy a big roast beef dinner and chat. It;s nearer midnight when Matty arrives so we have a few more drinks, a snack, then bed…