Thursday 24 March 2016

The spinach pasta turns out good...pretty green!

The spinach pasta turns out good…pretty green!

NEED to bite the bullet today and get everything prepared for the Hellbound Train EP release (10 June).

First job is to get everything registered with PRS/MCPS and PPL. I already registered Good Moonshine (aka I Went to America) and Travellin’ Man as these have been part of my live show recently.

Checking them out before I add Hellbound Train and Pearline, though, I see that I Went to America – the ‘otherwise known as’/other title – has a publisher’s name beside it. I assigned a bunch of instrumentals and a few songs to them, but this ain’t one of them! I call my pal Duncan at MCPS for advice and he recommends I amend the share splits and it should sort itself out.

Once done with the PRS/MCPS registrations I move onto PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) which collects and distributes the record company/recording owner’s royalties as well as the performers’ royalties. All yours truly in this case as I am the label,publisher, writer and performer of all parts…other than drums on Hellbound Train which come courtesy of Paul Savage (Delgados).

Once all that’s done I upload the master audio files to my aggregator (the modern equivalent of a distributor) along with all the metadata – basically info on the song, writer, IRSC (International Standard Recording Code) codes and other stuff to make sure the tracks are identifiable in the wider world and royalties etc (hopefully) all go in the right direction.

Time for a break, so I make some pork gyoza for lunch and put together some spinach pasta dough for tonight’s dinner.

While cover art was finished yesterday, I need to pull together a digital booklet to include with iTunes downloads…adds a little value and is an incentive for folks to download the full EP rather than just a few tracks. iTunes has very strict guidelines/criteria for digital booklets.

Sometime after 8pm I’m ready for a beer and finish up for the day. Almost there with the EP prep – just a coupe of pages to finalise in the iTunes booklet which I’ll upload tomorrow. That’ll give me 11 weeks to get a good lead in to iTunes and the other download/streaming services and the PR can start next week. Still need to decide if any physical promo is needed or we can do it all online…

I rustle up a tomato sugo with chicken and the spinach pasta turns out good….

Wednesday 23 March 2016

The Hellbound Train EP artwork is done!

The Hellbound Train EP artwork is done!

SEEMS to be a busy week with the webzine…feast or famine when it comes to stories!!

Once I’m up to date with all that I start roughing out some artwork ideas for the forthcoming Hellbound Train EP (Friday 10 June). I’d hoped to hire someone to do the cover art but still waiting for them to get back to me and now pretty much out of time. To be honest we’re a bit skint anyway, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I get busy.

After a bowl of beef pho’ I carry on with the graphics. Once I feel I’ve got a rough that’s a go-er I head out for a wee walk and spend the next hour or so wandering along the lochside in the drizzle listening to social media marketing podcasts.

Back on the artwork and it’s 9pm before I start making our ‘fast day’ dinner of terriyaki chicken and steamed pak choi. Actually the last few weeks we’ve only been doing ‘semi-fast days’ and not sticking to the 500/600 calorie limit…instead being careful what we eat and avoiding alcohol for two days a week.