Wednesday 24 January 2018

From this…to this…to this…the green curry paste process đŸ™‚

TOP of my list today is to try and give my shows a higher profile/visibility in Google search using Google’s ‘data highlighter’.

Because my tour dates come in via Bandsintown, Google doesn’t index them as individual events, so yesterday I set up a hidden gigs page on my website and a set of individual gig pages – one for each show – behind it.

I check using Google’ Search Console (part of Webmaster Tools…anyone with a website/s should have it/them linked to a Google account to access all this good stuff) this morning and  Google has indexed these pages already, so now I can use the data highlighter tool to map information in a way that Google can understand and index.

Might take a few days to see if it works, but if it does it could be a game changer. To find out more check out this great article.

I venture back to the house to make a big batch of green curry paste.

The replacement double battery box (and a spare) has arrived so I check my toolbox to see what I might need to do the repair…no solder or desoldering braid left, so  go onto Amazon and order what I need.

After lunch I go back to the studio and film a bunch of green screen stuff to make up some Facebook videos for the upcoming Scottish shows. I drop in some backgrounds and create the social media-favoured square format for the first video then post it on YoTube and Facebook…once it;s got some traction I’ll turn it into an ad.

In the office there’s some USA booking stuff to progress and also an invitation to speak at a music industry event in Edinburgh I need to respond to.

Finally I get the spicy beef ramen underway, we eat, watch some telly and then some zzzzzzZZZs