Thursday 26 May 2016

Nice to catch up with folks at the Digital Parade/BIMA 'Future of Music' session in Glasgow

Nice to catch up with folks at the Digital Parade/BIMA ‘Future of Music’ session in Glasgow

AFTER some more rehearsals of the new songs for this weekend’s shows down south I deal with a bunch of EP pre-orders…and orders for the new Hellbound Train t-shirt.

Next job is to get a holding page up for another website I’m developing for some local folks…then it’s onto the final phase of PR and promo for the upcoming EP launch shows in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Most of it’s all done, but there’s always more!

We head into Glasgow in the afternoon where I have a much-needed haircut appointment in town..haven’t had a haircut since the start of December and with shows this weekend I don’t wanna be using a tub of hair wax per show!

Once I’m done at the haircut shop we make for the west end where we park up close by the Record Factory for a Digital Parade/BIMA event ‘The Future of Music’. We’re given a warm welcome and a wristband entitling us to a free bar…plus some grub after the discussion session. Margaret’s driving 🙂

There’s not many familiar faces in the room when we arrive, but as we get closer to the session start time a good few folk we know come in and we catch up over a few beers.

The session is a little light, but brings up some interesting points…especially promoters’ use of Spotify to evaluate an act’s potential audience.

We chat with some pals over moe beer and grub after the session then make our way back to East Loch Lomond…I should really be packing guitars and merch etc for an early start in the morning. Instead I pour a large dram and we discuss some of the things touched upon at the evening’s session.