Monday 27 February 2017

Enjoyed this film – click above to watch on BBC iPlayer

STRAIGHT into the studio to run through some of the songs for Saturday’s live album recording show.

I’m hoping to get more than 30 songs ‘in the bag’ – my usual 60-70-minute set probably has about 20 songs. There’s quite a few songs I haven’t played in a while!

Next job is to check memory card capacities and re-visit my recording channel plan for the recording. As well as my eight tracks from mic/line splits, an audience mic and a stereo pair of mics out front, I’m gonna add my little self-contained Zoom H2N recorder at the front of the stage – two channels capturing MS (mid/side) from the audience side, and the other two channels capturing some stereo stage ambience.

That means the current two gig SD card ain’t gonna be much use, so I order a compatible 32 gig card on Amazon Prime for a tenner.

After lunch I pick up on my quest for better broadband speeds in the area. Our broadband isn’t even fast enough to do a Facebook livestream – the upload speeds are next to useless and despite the Government’s ‘superfast broadband for all’ initiative, BT have no plans to provide such a service to the east side of the loch.

Late afternoon I figure there’s enough daylight left to for a walk, so off I go, plugged into my usual podcasts, feet squelching in my boots which don’t seem to have dried out in the slightest from yesterday’s adventure.

After a (late) dinner we watch Where You’re Meant to Be on BBC iPlayer. The film follows Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap) as he updates tradtional ballads – under, at times scathing, critique from the late Sheila Stewart  – and tours them round Scotland. Although never a big Arab Strap fan at the time, I really like Moffat’s voice and approach. Well worth a look – available here on the BBC iPlayer for another few weeks.