Friday 23 March 2018

Question Session 03 at the CCA. A good day out.

ANOTHER jaunt into Glasgow – today it’s for music industry event Question Session 03 at the CCA.

We register in time to catch the first session on publishing – our pal Duncan’s on the panel. We catch up with him and a few other pals up afterwards then grab a sandwich before I go to a panel on the importance of TV, radio and the media. Margaret bunks that one and gets on with writing up the minutes from last night’s community trust meeting.

Another panel from the Cultural Enterprise Office then we nip out to get some stuff done, returning for some more stuff – I go to a session on using Ableton Live’s wavetable synth to create sounds for and entire recording. It’s more geared to electronic/dance kinda production, but interesting – I’m always keen to look at ways of collaborating and pushing the boundaries on my music.

Margaret’s been to a session on funding, but nothing new to change our views!

Time for grub and we nip down the road to Non Viet – amazing food and value…I have chargrilled squid with mango salad to start – Margaret has spring rolls…then I have a big bowl of Pho and Margaret has a plate of mixed chargrilled meat. Fantastic  and a real treat.

Back at the CCA there’s a final session on the future of music – there’s no real insight here, but some interesting chat.

We’re home soon after 10pm, chill for a while and have an early night.

Fantastic grub at Non Viet 🙂

Monday 25 April 2016

WEF_launch_PatAndJim - 1

Nice to catch up with our pals Pat and Jim at the West End Festival launch.

ANOTHER panic to get some stuff done before I get down to the village to take some snaps of cars taking part in the Scottish Malts rally. This is the first stop on the first day!

I get there and set up a vantage point to grab some pix of the cars driving into the village then run up to the car park for more pix and some video vox pops with drivers..all for the webzine.

Back home, though, the rally stuff needs to wait – I need to get my photo feature from yesterday’s Balfron 10k road race online and banded about.

As soon as I’m done we jump in the car for Glasgow. We’ve to pick up new glasses from the optician in Milngavie..I have new reading specs. ‘Clic’ frames that come apart in the middle and have a neck/head band. Only one step away from the dreaded ‘spex on a  chain’, but I can only afford one pair and it’s a desperate attempt to keep them handy. I hardly used my old readers ‘cos they were always in the other room…or out int eh office…or in the studio. Always in the place I wasn’t!

Next stop, post office to get a bunch of poster packs and tickets off to venues, record shops and other outlets then onto Costco and Tesco for some shopping.

I drop into the Hug & Pint with posters and flyers for my show there on 11 June before we head off to the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens for the real reason for our trip into town…the launch of the West End Festival. The Hug & Pint show is part of the festival.

There’s drinks and some grub, but we stick to the booze as next stop is Hanoi Bike Shop which we booked earlier on. Just as well, ‘cos the place is mobbed. Catriona and Will gave me a voucher for the place – my current favourite place to eat in Glasgow – at Christmas. Put to good use tonight 🙂

We’re home soon after 10pm but no chance of an early night – too much work to catch up on after skiving all afternoon and evening!

Mmmm....dinner at my favourite Hanoi Bike Shop :-)

Mmmm….dinner at my favourite Hanoi Bike Shop 🙂