Monday 27 March 2017

Amazing tool for working out where the light’s coming from – I go back at 7.15pm to take my pix of the hall!

WE’RE not long finished breakfast when Betty and Joe drop by for a coffee.

Joe’s interested in getting an iPad and I recommend and iPad AIr 2 – it’s long been the best iPad other than the ‘pro’ versions which would be overkill for what he wants. Turns out to be perfect timing as Apple have announced a new iPad (just named “iPad”) to be made available soon, so there’s some great refurbed iPad Air 2’s via Apple. The Air 2 is lighter than the new model and more than adequate for Joe’s needs.

I’ve talked them into ordering one before they leave…I think it’ll be a game-changer for them – along the lines of their switch from PC to Mac a few years ago 🙂

I’ve got a buyer for the Zoom multi-track recorder so I get it parcelled up and take it to the post office, and plan to take some photos of the Memorial Hall (for possible album art) en route, but the car park’s full of road maintenance vehicles and the sun’s in the wrong place! 

Back home I find a great online tool for working out sun angles in specific places called  Photographer’s Ephemeris – it lets me work out exactly when IO need to go back to the hall to get the light I want! The desktop version is free – try it here – and they do  an iOS and Android app version (paid for) too. Works a treat. I’ll go back at 7.15pm.

I get busy with other bits of planned artwork for the forthcoming album and re-string the Lowden F32 acoustic guitar I have for sale on Gumtree.

Just after 7pm I head back to Memorial Hall to take pix…I’ve just moved some bins out of shot and got set up when the Masons – who use the hall on a Monday night – start arriving. Jeez. Ah well…I manage a few snaps. And in hindsight it might be better to do them even later.

Been curious if tofu can replace our usual chicken in a green curry and tonight’s the night to try it. The tofu press is put into action – it is an amazing thing and has improved our tofu dishes tenfold. It’s so good I bought one for our pals Martyn and Louise. Check it out on Amazon here 🙂

The green curry – even with cauliflower rice – is amazing. Definitely gonna use tofu in it again.