Wednesday 1 March 2017

Some amazing images at Will Wilson’s exhibition – really glad I managed to stop by today. Click the image to visit Will on Facebook.

AN early jaunt into Glasgow – I drop Margaret off then head for the VW garage on Crow Road.

The car’s booked in for whatever it is that VW need to do as a result of the ’emissions scandal’. I don;t suspect we’ll notice any difference! Anyway, I leave it at the garage and wander up to Morrisons at Anniesland Cross for a roll and sausage.

I’m not long finished my second coffee when the garage calls to say the car’s ready.

Back on the road, I head out to Dalmuir Library’s Back Door Gallery to check out my pal Will Wilson’s photo exhibition. There’s some really cool music photos and some other nice images too. Well worth a visit.

I make it back into town in time for my 1.30pm haircut at the Soul Barber Room. Scott’s bust his arm, so James does the honours, and a fine haircut it is too.

I have a late lunch at Costco while getting some shopping then onto Tesco before picking up Margaret.

I’d had a message from Fiona asking if I could transfer a VHS tape to digital/DVD – we’re not long home when she arrives and we set the transfer in motion and have a drink. About an hour in there’s a power cut which fucks things up a bit….twenty minutes later we’re back on but I’ve abandoned the video transfer for another day.

Steven pops in to get Fiona back home and we have another beer and a blether before realising it;s after 9.30pm and no-one’s had dinner yet.

They head off, we have dinner and I get on with some work before bed.


Saturday 26 November 2016

Unplugged at Bank Street Gallery

Unplugged at Bank Street Gallery

AFTER the usual morning routine tasks I get the remaining pieces of the web project I’m working on into place and email the client.

Then it’s time to restring guitars while Margaret gets the merch ready and we pack the car ready to hit the road to Kirriemuir.

There’s a few bits and bobs to get out the way before we leave then we close up the house, office and studio and get on our way.

We roll up at Bank Street Gallery around 5.30pm and Susie opens up to let us get the gear in. We set up and have a chat before doors open at 7pm.

By showtime – 7.30pm sharp – the room is full and I kick off my first set…a bunch of covers of songs by folks who’ve inspired my music in some way (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Blind Willie Johnson, Bukka White and more). After a short break, the second set is all my own stuff.

We have a wonderful night with lots of friends old and new some of whom hang out for a drink after the show.

Once we’ve cleared up Susie makes supper – prawn skewers, fish and roast veg, biscuits and cheese…and plenty of beer and wine. We sit and chat ’til nearly 3am then crash…a magical night 🙂

Haven't seen Tony and his wide Linda for about 18 years! And thanks for the silver dollar Tony :-)

Haven’t seen Tony and his wife Linda for about 18 years! And thanks for the silver dollar Tony 🙂

Some pals hung our for a drink after the show

Some pals hung our for a drink after the show