Saturday 27 August 2016

Will and Joyce roll into Grantown on Spey

Will and Joyce roll into Grantown on Spey

WILL knocks up chilli pancakes with maple bacon for breakfast then he, Joyce and Mike get ready for the Thunder in the Glens hideout.

Our plan is to catch them on the way out of town, but we miss them, so we head out to Grantown on Spey and watch everyone roll into town There’s a great atmosphere and we hang out a while then make our way back to Aviemore and a late lunch at the Mountain cafe.

Back at the house I go through the day’s photos then have a wee rest before the grill in the garden’s fired up and we crack open our first beers of the day.

It’s after 9pm when we make our way back down town to the Cairngorm Hotel and enjoy a few drinks…the music has been pretty middle of the road. Mostly cover bands and folks aren’t paying much attention – I guess this is a social event for folks to meet up and chat rather than listen to music.

We bump into our pal Jake and catch up then wander back to the house for  a wee nightcap. A  great day out 🙂

One of my favourite pix of the day....

One of my favourite pix of the day….