Thursday 31 March 2016

STV's 'Dave Arcari special' on Grassroots Music is shown at 8.30pm...Uk folks can watch it on the STV Player – click the image to watch.

STV’s ‘Dave Arcari special’ on Grassroots Music is shown at 8.30pm…UK folks can watch it on the STV Player – click the image to watch.

CHECKING emails and Facebook before I jump in the shower I see Trossachs Search + Rescue are launching a defibrillator location app this morning.

That’d be a good story for the webzine but, as usual, no-one’s thought of telling us. Not that we have any ‘right’ to know, but I’m at a loss as to why local business and folks with events etc aren’t interested in what usually amounts to good free publicity at and the resulting social media.

I send an email to the organisers to get the times/details which leaves me little time to get organised but  get there and get some pix and the story.I run home, post the story and pix then dash to another local event to do same.

After lunch I spend some time sorting out the domain name transfer and web hosting that I started last night but got bumped midway through by the power cut. When it’s finally sorted I put a holding page up for my client and let them know we’ll be working on the website design and content over the next few days.

An email from STV tells me the Grassroots Music ‘Dave Arcari special’ I was interviewed for yesterday is going out tonight! I hastily spread the word via Twitter, Facebook and any other way I can think of.

The show is broadcast at 8.30pm and as well as the interview, there’s five live songs from STV’s archives – Good Friend Blues, Devil’s Left Hand, Still Friends, Got Me Electric and Homesick & Blue. UK folks can see it here – I’m gonna try and sort something out so overseas folks can see it soon though 😉

A good cross section of material. I’m pretty happy with the interview – a few cringeworthy bits from me and it’s always pretty hard to watch yourself…but overall it seems pretty good. Lots of nice social media feedback too.



Wednesday 30 Mach 2016

Shooting an interview for STV's Grass Roots Music with Paul this space for transmission date.

Shooting an interview for STV’s Grass Roots Music with Paul Hughes…watch this space for transmission date.

ANOTHER Glasgow day…I drop Margaret off, take some merch to the post office then hit McDonalds for breakfast and wifi.

After an hour or so’s work I go and pick up some bits and bobs we’re needing fromS tables then make my way into town where I’m filming an interview for STV’s Grass Roots Music programme. They’re planning a ‘Dave Arcari special’ to be shown sometime in the next few weeks (watch this space!).

I meet show host Paul Hughes and the film crew at the Clutha where everything’s set up and ready to go. Paul’s a good guy and right into music, so it’s an easy chat and good fun too.

Interview in the bag, I head to Costco for a hotdog and shopping before picking up Margaret and heading home.

I’ve a website job to get busy with for someone…but first I need to sort their web hosting and have their domain name transferred from another company. I get halfway through and in the middle of intricate and crucial name server and IPS tags when the power goes down. FFS! Why is is always when I’m (a) doing something important and (b) when I’m up against it time-wise?

Margaret points out that it’s probably because I’m doing either or both of these things most of the time! And folks get annoyed ‘cos it interrupts their telly or computer game. Grrrrr……

We change our dinner plans and Margaret cooks a pot of pasta on our wee emergency camping stove. AT least the power didn’t go off mid-way through cooking a implicated meal!

Luckily the power’s only off for an hour or so. When we’re back up and running, I try and rescue the work form earlier…it;’ll be 12-24 hours before I know if the power cut’s screwed my efforts…