Friday 27 July 2018

IT’S nearly 11am when we wake up at Jon and Maggi’s.

I’m feeling a little rough, but a shower helps and Jon’s got bacon rolls on the go when we get downstairs. Maggi’s off to meet her sister in Edinburgh how she got up and into town in time to catch her bus I’ll never know.

A few mugs of coffee later I’m feeling right as rain. We say cheerio then stop at Achilles Heel on Great Western Road. Margaret’s delighted with the shoes she got there a month or two ago, but is getting pins and needles on one foot and wants some advice.

Stef and the folks in the shop are brilliant and offer lots of advice,make a few adjustments to her shoes and suggest if there’s no change they’ll work out some kind of exchange. Amazing service.

Next stop, Costco for some shopping and a late lunch,t hen Chung Ying, Tesco and home.

There’s a fair bit of work and stuff to catch up on then we make a batch of burgers for the kids coming tomorrow.

I get some more work done while Margret prepares pinchitos for dinner then we relax for a while in front of the telly and have a much-needed early night.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

The ‘bubble mat’ from Amazon seems pretty good value – a quarter of the price of similar from office suppliers. Click the pick to find out more.

OFF into Glasgow early.

I drop Margaret off and hit McDonalds…breakfast bagel, coffee and free wifi. I’m there for three hours uploading video, blogging and working on some new Google search tools to find out how to get more organic search and visibility for gigs.

Next I drop off posters and flyers for the upcoming Glasgow show on Saturday 3 March. First stop is the venue – The Hug & Pint – then I go into town, park up and drop into Love Music before dropping more off at the Scottish Music Centre.

Shopping is next on the list. Chung Ying, See Woo then Costco where I wait 20-minutes in a queue of just six folks for a hotdog.

Some more shopping, then i pick up Margaret and we drive to Braehead where we have an appointment with the kitchen folks. We’ve been before, but only did a basic layout. Subsequent visits to Magnet threw up some great ideas, but we just can’t afford their prices. Ikea will likely come in around half the price!

Margaret’s not convinced tho’ and we’re going round in circles with ideas, costs and solutions.

It’s after 9pm when we get home. The anti-fatigue mat I ordered form Amazon has arrived. I’m pleasantly surprised how good it is given that it was twenty-odd quid as opposed to over £100 for the equivalent from office suppliers. While I;m loving the improvised standing desk, my feet were getting sore…hopefully this mat will help.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Headlining the acoustic stage at the Great British R&B Festival in Colne.

BREAKFAST at the B&B is 8.30am..the latest they do! Not the best place for musicians playing a festival.

The proprietors are a lovely old couple but jeez, the breakfast is shit.

First up, the plate for fruit/cereal is manky, So bad that I pass on fruit or cereal. I ask for sausage and hash browns..the lady says she’s cooked bacon so I agree to some of that too. Then it comes. One sausage, one rasher of bacon and one hash brown. The bacon and hash brown is OK, but the sausage – which I’ve split and put between a couple of bits of toast is so bad it makes me gag. Never tasted anything like it. The remainder is wrapped in a  napkin to be disposed of later. They’re such a nice old couple I don’t want to cause any fuss.

Onward to Colne in Lancashire for the Great British R&B Festival –  a two-and-a-half/three-hour drive via a McDonalds for a replacement breakfast!

We roll up at our pals Rodge and Jan’s about 2pm, drop our bags and then we all head to the Little Theatre where I headline the festival’s acoustic stage at 5pm.

The place is busy and we catch up with loads of folks and chat over a few beers until it’s time to set up my gear and hit the stage. The Little Theatre is a fantastic venue and the sound is great too. The place is jammed and folks are craning their necks round the doors to catch some of my show.

As soon as I’m done I join Margaret at the merch table outside and chat with loads of folks and sign their CDs and vinyl.

We take everything back to Rodge and Jan’s then get a taxi back into town where we spend the rest of the evening doting form venue to venue watching lots of music and perhaps having a bit too much to drink too. Grand day out:-)

Some the youngest music fans at my show 🙂