Tuesday 20 September 2016


Facebook graphic with some of my ‘partners’…click for USA tour dates so far

MY eyes are feeling a bit odd…I tried to convince myself yesterday that it was the cold or something but it feels a lit like the uveitus is flaring up.

I decide to wait a while before phoning the hospital – meantime, I speak to our insurance broker and sort out our annual travel insurance which runs out halfway through the US tour. We need a policy that will last longer than 45 days, and the 60-day version is expensive…more than £300. Jeez, Credit card time.

Although I’m hoping for a few more USA dates to be confirmed I can;t wait any longer before getting the tour promo postcards printed. it;s impossible to buy print in the USA from outside the country so I knock up the artwork and send it – along with print and printer details to my cousin in New York She’s on the case and gets them ordered.

Next job is a Facebook graphic with the dates and featuring the folks I have some kind of artist deal with – Newtone Strings, National Reso-Phonic Guitars, G7th Capos and Diamond Bottlenecks. I get that made up, posted and tag ’em all. Hopefully it’ll help spread the word.

I’m worried about my eyes. Something definitely amiss and if it’s not the uveitus it’s something else. I call the consultant’s secretary but she’s ‘finished for the day’…I explain the problem and the person I’m speaking to says she’ll see what she can do. True to her word, she calls back in five minutes with a hospital appointment for tomorrow lunchtime.

I’ve been having problems sending emails for the last week or so. All the server details and credentials are OK so I call my hosting company and find my IP address has been blocked…basically I changed an email password on the laptop but not on my phone and after too many unsuccessful attempts to send mail (ie: with the wrong password) my IP address was blocked as a security measure. They unblock it and all’s good.

Most of my tasks done – or at lest under control – I go for a walk up the lochside then stop in at Betty and Joe’s where Margaret’s already in situ…a coffee and a few glasses of red later we find our way home.