Monday 26 February 2018

My favourite spot at Milarrochy…and an ideal place to try out the Headspace meditation app. It’s good! Click on the pic to find out more.

AS SOON as I have the routine tasks out the way I get to work on creating a map of our recently created community trust boundary.

Margaret volunteered me to undertake what she thought would be a fairly quick and easy job. But , of course, it isn’t!

The trust area is extensive geographically and to get any decent level of detail in a map, I need to take about 60 screenshots of maps of the area and then try and piece them all together in Photoshop. It takes about three hours to get it together. Marking the boundary is relatively more straightforward, although establishing where the boundary lines should go a little harder.

I go back to the house and make us lunch then  pick up on some other work needing done – voting in the UK Blues Awards closes on Wednesday and although – as I mentioned before – I’m not a huge fan of ‘popularity vote’ affairs, but this one’s a bit different and there is some degree of credibility in that finalists are nominated before the public vote.

I see there’s a community lunch on Saturday, so spends some time putting it on the website and social media. Then, a delivery of velcro means I can start integrating the Fractal AX8 and new wireless into my pedalboard case…but not before I replace the bust headlamp bulb in the car. Not a difficult job, but a little fiddly in the bitter cold.

I decide to leave the pedalboard and other work ’til after I’ve had a walk. When I get to Milarrochy Bay I sit on my favourite spot and launch the Headspace app on my phone. It’s a meditation aid that our pal Lucy told us about when she was up the other weekend and I’ve been more than intrigued. The first guided session is only ten minutes and I rather enjoy it.

It’s after 6pm when I get back and continue on the pedalboard/case job. The phone rings midway through. It’s my pal Chris from down south. He’s not keeping well and I’d left a message for him earlier. I close up the studio and go back to the house and chat for a good while.

Next job is preparing my eNewsletters. Normally they go on the first of the month, but as the blues awards voting ends on 28 February I wanna give people a gentle reminder to check it out and vote if they feel so inclined.

Also, there’s an Edinburgh gig on Thursday (1 March) and Glasgow on Saturday (3 March) so an extra day’s notice is probably no bad thing. I don;t get far before Margaret alerts me to an email problem..she can’t get emails to send from either her laptop or iPhone. I check and can;t find anything wrong and discover I have the same problem. Mmmm…IP address blocked by the service provider perhaps? I start a ‘live chat’ with our email hosts and discover there’s a global problem…they;re working on ti and it should be sorted soon.

By now it’s after 9pm and I’ve still to make the tacos for tonight’s pulled pork. I made the dough earlier, so roll it out, cook the tacos and we eat. 

Back in the office I get all the eNewsletters design, written and scheduled…jeez, what a day!