Tuesday 4 July 2017

THERE’S some work to be done on the local hall website before I head into Glasgow for my hearing test and earplug fitting at LoFi studios.

Help Musicians UK, the Musicians Union and Musicians’ Hearing Health are working together to offer musicians affordable (ie: £40 – or £30 for MU members – as opposed to over £300!) hearing tests and earplugs…well worth checking out!

I meet Geraldine from Musicians’ Hearing Health who runs through the test – seems my hearing is all good – and squirts stuff in my lugs to make moulds for custom hearing protection/earplugs. 

It’s an interesting process and we have a good wee chat before I go on my way. 

There’s a wee diary piece about yours truly in The Herald so I pick up a copy, go to the bank and pick up a bunch of shopping before driving home.

There’s time to get a wee bit more work done on the hall website before we head along to Betty and Joe’s for dinner. We’re joined by some other local pals and have a wonderful night – seems ages since we’ve had a get-together like this. Thanks Betty 🙂