Friday 20 January 2017

Scottish shows info/trailer video…click above to watch!

THERE’S a note in the diary that the episode of Julia Bradbury’s Best British Walks featuring yours truly is airing on ITV tonight. I spend a while spreading some ‘hints’ around Facebook, Twitter etc.

With an upcoming session of STV’s Live at Five – Wednesday 1 February, 5pm – I run through the new songs I’m planning on performing and rehearse a few more for good measure.

Mikey arrives mid-afternoon – he’s coming through for the night so Margaret can deal with his accounts and get his tax return done in time.

I’m planning a Facebook video ad to promote the upcoming Scottish shows – but before I can make the ad, I have to create the video…just a short piece to camera.

Half an hour back in the studio with some minor editing and I have a wee clip to upload along with the gig dates/info. Although it’s destined to be an ad, I upload it now to get some traction before throwing some cash at an ad campaign.

Betty pops round with info for us and we have a drink and watch Julia Bradbury’s Best British Walks – despite her questionable (but understandable) pronunciation of some of the place names, the half hour show is a fatastic depiction of our area…and the closing segment with Margaret watching yours truly playing Loch Lomond outside the local coffee shop has survived the threat of the cutting room floor!

After dinner we chat and I set up the Facebook video ad. Rather than promoting (or ‘boosting’) single Facebook events, we’ve found we get much better results and more bang for our buck by having an ad direct to a landing page on my website. And video ads have a much higher success rate than standard ads on Facebook 🙂

A quick search found the above clip from Julia Bradbury’s Best British Walks online! Click the image to watch the segment featuring yours truly 🙂

Dave Arcari is a full-time touring alternative blues (alt.blues) guitar player and songwriter 
based on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland


Monday 19 September 2016

Fun filming some music with Julia Bradbury's production team

Fun filming some music with Julia Bradbury’s production team

OUR weekly meeting throws up loads of tasks – mostly to do with the upcoming USA tour.

The tour shirts are underway, but the coozie printing company can’t deliver on time…and although posters are all printed and distributed, I’m right on the deadline for getting all the other promo print ordered.

There’s a few bits of website work needing done and reports from various PRS and Music+ meetings to be done.

It’s a busy day then I get a text  late afternoon from the production folks filming Best Walks With a View with Julia Bradbury – I’ve to play a wee bit of guitar for them. We head down to the local coffee shop to meet the crew and have fun filming a wee bit for the end of the episode they’re working on.

Back home, Margaret gets some dinner ready while I mess about with some tunes in the studio….then it’s back onto sorting out some final loose ends for the USA tour….

..and a good laugh with Julia

..and a good laugh with Julia



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