Monday 1 August 2016

Maiju, Juuso and Margaret by the Black River

Maiju, Juuso and Margaret by the Black River

AFTER A great night’s sleep and a long lie at Maiju and Juuso’s we have a nice relaxed breakfast and plan our day.

My August eNewsletter went out as scheduled, so I only have a little bit of work to do before we go out for a drive…our plan is to to visit the Black River and maybe catch up with our friends Jukka and Katja – Jukka, of course, is Black River Bluesman πŸ™‚

I fall asleep in the car and wake up in time for a walk and a beer. Jukka and Katja join us for Β drink then suggest we go to their house for something to eat. It’s only a few minutes away.

We enjoy a glass of wine outside then have an amazing meal – salmon, local mushrooms, salad, home-grown potatoes, desert. As we’re leaving Jukka shows me a lovely Gibson guitar which I try out…Margaret decides to do a Facebook Live Stream, Juuso joins in on some kind of weird stringed instrument and Juuka blows the horn of death metal and some trumpet….we have great fun – and a great laugh doing it!

Next stop is Maiju and Juuso’s summer cottage to visit her daughter Ada and husband Kristian. It’s lovely to see them. We hang out for a while then Juuso drives us back to Helsinki.

It’s nearly 11pm and we’re all starting to get a little hungry so Juuso and I go to grab some pizza and we eat, drink and chat….and other late one πŸ™‚

Amazing meal with Jukka and Katja at their home

Amazing meal with Jukka and Katja at their home..Maiju’s not in the pic – she’s behind the camera!