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Friday 9 December 2016

AFTER breakfast I get into the office and start work on some of the logos and graphics for the forthcoming web project. Funny how ideas evolve and after I place my initial graphics on the pages and I see them in context I have some other ideas of how to improve them a...
Sunday 27 November 2016

Sunday 27 November 2016

A LITTLE delicate when Margaret goes upstairs to get coffee, but by the time the coffee’s drunk and we’re up and washed I’m feeling a bit more human. We go along to Visocchi’s  for breakfast…square sausage and black pudding rolls for...

Saturday 26 November 2016

AFTER the usual morning routine tasks I get the remaining pieces of the web project I’m working on into place and email the client. Then it’s time to restring guitars while Margaret gets the merch ready and we pack the car ready to hit the road to...