Friday 15 September 2017

Magic night at Aberdeen’s Blue Lamp

SOME last minute promo for tonight’s show then I print out the ticket list before heading to the studio to pack the gear.

We’re taking our own PA so there’s a load of stuff to fit in the car. Margaret sorts the merch and we’re off.

A stop in Perth for fuel and to eat the halloumi, roast veg and quinoa salads we made for lunch and then I take over the driving. Sandy from the venue calls to ask if its OK to move the show from the planned upstairs room, to the bigger venue downstairs. There’s been a lot of calls and interest in the show. That’s reassuring!

When we approach Aberdeen I start to feel rubbish…dunno if I’m gonna be sick, need the toilet or both. And, of course, we get stuck in traffic!

After loading in we nip off to check into the hotel and pick up some food for later. Still feeling crap, we’re back at the venue and setting up when Margaret realises she’s left (all) the merch – vinyls, CDs, shirts gig listing info postcards etc – at home! Sitting outside the back door she thinks. She calls Betty who goes along and rescues the bags…disaster averted, but a real bummer not to have merch for what looks likes gonna be a busy show.

I start feeling marginally better by the time doors open ad the room fills nicely. By the time I hit the stage for the first of two 45-minute sets the place is full.

I have a grand show and the by 11pm we’re tidying up getting ready to load out. 

There’s time to head through to the bar for a pint with our pal Chris before we go…and we share a little of the Glengoyne love too, 

Then its back to the hotel for a snack and zzzzzzs…I’m feeling a little better now!

Great to catch up with our pal Chris after the show…and share a wee dram of my special Glengoyne 🙂