Thursday 8 December 2016

I like the Miracle Noodles ‘penne’ I make for lunch – a bit more chewy than reglar pasta, but I like that!

TOO much to do before I head to the village for a meeting with my web client….the site’s done and dusted now, so all I need to do is show them how to log in and make updates/changes.

Margaret is going into Glasgow to pick up some stuff she left behind at the checkout in Homebase yesterday and drops me off.

The meeting goes smoothly then I walk the four or five miles home – I’ve got some posters form Betty and Joe to put up round the community noticeboards en route so kill two birds with one stone. Actually, three birds ‘cos I listen to some social media marketing podcasts while I’m walking 🙂

It’s lunchtime when I get back and decide to try out the Miracle Noodles ‘penne’ – a shirataki zero carb, low calorie (just kcal per serving) noodle/pasta alternative made in Japan. 

The ‘penne’ cooks in a couple of minutes then I dry fry it and add some tomato pesto, a sprinkling of parmesan and some black pepper. I like it, the texture’s more al dente than real pasta, but the slightly tougher texture appeals to me.

I spend the afternoon in  the office dealing with routine stuff and doing a little work on my own website project which I hope to launch soon.

Margaret has a local community meeting early evening and we decide to eat after that. I watch some ProTools/production stuff on YouTube while she;s out then we eaty and watch Na Trads (Scottish traditonal music awards) on the iPlayer.

Saturday 1 October 2016

View from the stage with Have Mercy Las Vegas

View from the stage with Have Mercy Las Vegas

NOT only is it eNewsletter day, it’s Balmaha’s Braw Weekend…and we leave for the US tour at 4am on Monday morning.

Once the eNEwsletter’s out and shared on social media I take some extra lighting down to the festival site for tonight’s live music.

The site opens at 11am and there’s already a great buzz about the place.

I spend the morning and early afternoon dotting between the site and the office getting things done. The other bands for tonight’s live music will be arriving between 3pm and 4pm.

Everything goes like clockwork. The afternoon entertainment finishes at 4.30pm and we get all the gear loaded in and everyone gets a quick soundcheck.

Mark McGowan kicks off the music at 7pm then is followed by the magnificent Miracle Glass Company at 8pm, myself at 9pm then Have Mercy Las Vegas at 10pm. Have Mercy Las Vegas invite me to join them onstage and play on their forthcoming single St Peter’s Blues.

A brilliant night..think we might be suffering a bit in the morning tho’!