Sunday 29 July 2018

The tasso ham is a little spicy and salty…but once it’s cooked up with the Andouille sausage and other stuff to make red beans and rice it’s great!

HAVING not kicked the arse out it too much last night, I’m up early, showered and busy before anyone else surfaces.

After breakfast Matty heads off to Dundee. Margaret’s helping Mikey with a bunch of stuff – so I get on with some work in the office. Conscious I’ve been caught up in lots of non-music stuff, so keen to try and clear the decks a bit.

There’s some music uploads to do for my pal Rab and some web updates for another music web client.

I finish off the third script for a wee local project I’m working on then log into – a new project management tool that has just a  few days left of a free trial.

It looks pretty good, but it’s an expensive subscription even with the ;incentive discounts’ that keep popping up. We currently use Asana which is great, but the free version is a little limited. A similarly expensive subscription unlocks a similar feature set to those of but I find myself wondering if I actually need any of these features.

Anyway, the exercise sees me setting up  couple of projects/lists on to see how it fares –and updating all my lists in Asana.

This is probably all just something to avoid clearing my desk of all the accounts-related stuff!

A courier drops off my Amazon order of a replacement band for my Fitbit Alta…it bears no resemblance to what I ordered and is parcelled up to go back and a refund requested.

Back in the house I start making our red beans and rice. The tasso ham is ready and we slice some off to go in the dinner…we have a taste – it’s pretty spicy, and maybe a little salty, once it’s bubbled in the pot with the Andouille sausage and other ingredients for an hour or so we’ll see how it is.

And it turns out great 🙂

We finish up eating and take a walk along to see Betty and Joe, have a glass or two of red and a chat then home for an early-ish night.