Friday 21 July 2017

Grand to catch up – and share the bill with – Bob Wayne again

IN the studio I run through some of the songs I’ll be playing at tonight’s show then start packing the gear.

Last time I played Bathgate we had difficulty finding somewhere to eat and ended up spending a fortune on shite sandwiches out the petrol station so I suggest we roast some veg and prepare some quinoa to make up salads with grilled halloumi. Cheaper and, I’m pretty sure, healthier 😉

We get the veg and quinoa going so they have a change to cool down before we make the salads.

I spend a few hours editing the ‘making of’ video for the new album. It’s become a bit more labour intensive than I intended but hey-ho. Also there’s some cutaways and stuff needing filmed…and some graphics created. 

The car’s packed mid-afternoon and we hit the road to Bathgate. Opening band Brothers Outlaw are already there and setting up – Bob Wayne and his band are stuck on the motorway and gonna be late so we all soundcheck and Bob’ll do a quick line check after my set.

Ahhhhh….whisky. Cheers Sandy!

Doors open at 7pm and when Brothers Outlaw take the stage to open the show there’s a good crowd in. It’s their debut show and they play a mighty fine set. We like these guys 🙂

I manage to break a string just before starting my second song and hope the string change doesn’t cause too much of a hiatus…fair takes the wind oot ma sails tho’! Regardless, the crowd is enthusiastic and I have a blast.

Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies play a stormer and then we hang out at the merch table chatting with folks before loading out soon after midnight.

A stop at McDonalds keeps hunger at bay and we’re home by 1.30am.

I survive a broken string at the statr of my set…

Brothers Outlaw open the show and play an impressive debut


Tuesday 9 August 2016

Good Friend Blues live at Glasgow’s O2 ABC2

AN EARLY start – need to get the gear for tonight’s show packed and get into Glasgow for a photo job for a pal.

Margaret comes with me and we spend four hours taking photos at Rouken Glen park –the brief is quite extensive and I hope I’ve got all they need.

Next stop Costco to pick up some stuff then we head to the O2 ABC2 on Sauchiehall Street to load in for tonight’s show.

Bob Wayne and his band are just finishing their soundcheck when we arrive and soon I’m getting my gear sorted and my check’s done and dusted

Support act Panic Anchor – Andy – and another pal John arrive and soundcheck then we all hang out and chat before doors open.

Andy and John play a great opening set and soon I’m on stage and being fuelled by whisky from the crowd – it’s a great audience and their enthusiasm is second to none.

Next up, Bob Wayne and his band play a blinder. We hang out at the merch desk for a while then load out helped by our pal Jonzip. Next stop, Ka Ka Lok on St Georges Road for a late dinner – Asia Style a few doors away used to be my favourite, but recent visits and it’s update to Asiama have been disappointing. Ka Ka Lok is nothing short of stunning…best soft shell crab ever and all three of us enjoy our main courses.

We drop Jonzip off then head for home. Been a busy day, Knackered 🙂

Panic Anchor plays a fine set ably assisted by big John Mackay on harp...

Panic Anchor plays a fine set ably assisted by big John Mackay on harp…

..and Bob Wayne and his band play a stormer too :-)

..and Bob Wayne and his band play a stormer too 🙂




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