Saturday 23 April 2017

Matty and his pal Jo after the race

UP early (again!) – we’re off to Balfron to watch Matty run in the 10k and I’ll take some pix for the webzine

I had trouble parking when I went along last year ‘cos I left it a bit late, so we leave in plenty time so Matty can get registered without having to rush.

I get some pix of the start then we have a good half-houyr to wait for the the first runners to get back…zero-carb breakfast is kicked into touch with a roll and sausage!

Matty turns in a respectable time and comes in 28th place which is great. I get some photos then we head hime.

The afternoon is spent selecting some pictures and getting a gallery up on the webzine – see them here.

We take some time out and listen to the test pressing of the first of the four sides of vinyl for the live album. Main focus is to listen for locked grooves, skips or intrusive noises. There’s one weird noise that we’ll check the other (four) test pressings and see if it’s there too. There’s a few minor noises that we’ll compare over the discs but I think it;s down to static and ‘surface noise’ – test pressings tend to be a little noisier than the final product, for although they come from the same metal stamper, the pressing is usually done manually and doesn’t have the same pressure or consistency as the mainline pressers.

I make a tofu green curry for dinner then we take a walk to Betty and Joe’s where we catch up over a wee glass of red.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Wide Days’ keynote – Olaf interviews Music For Nations chief Julie Weir after lunch at the Usher Hall

FEELING rough again this morning…I blame the late night chips. My belly’s not used to the carbs these days!

We get the bus into the centre of Edinburgh and meet up with some of the other Wide Days speakers and folks. Olaf’s taking us all on a bus tour. It’s a good networking morning and another chance to catch up with folks.

The bus tour includes a stop for a walk up Calton Hill which blows away most of the cobwebs then we roll up at the Usher Hall for coffee, drinks and lunch on the stage, Once we’ve all eaten and chatted, Olaf interviews Music For Nations head Julie Weir who we met yesterday..then there’s a tour of the Usher Hall and a whisky tasting. A great way to round of the event.

We get the bus back to Lesley’s, pick up the car and head for home.

Matty – who’s staying the night – arrives at the same time.

The vinyl test pressings for my forthcoming double live album have arrived. No time tonight to check ’em, but we’ll put aside a couple of hours aside tomorrow to ensure that all’s good before the main manufacturing run. Exciting.

Test pressings for the forthcoming double vinyl live album…