Thursday 22 February 2018

SOME more USA contracts to sort out then I coax Margaret into the studio to help me fine-tiune some of the patches I’ve programmed into the Fractal AX8.

Because my guitars (and banjo!) are so loud acoustically, it’s hard to judge precisely what;s coming out the speakers. The PA is set up in the live room and the AX8 DI’d as it would be in a gig situation.

I stay in the control room with the AX8 hooked up to the computer for easier editing and Margaret goes through to the live room. Let noise commence!

We work our way through the patches, tweaking EQ and some of the slapback delays, then go through each one to get the output levels of each patch and instrument as consistent as possible. We know we’ll rarely, if ever, be able to give the engineer a sound that’s perfect for the room/venue, but if we have it as close as possible to start with it’ll make his/her job much quicker and easier.

Over lunch we discuss progress . Margaret admits she was sceptical about moving away from the existing pedalboard setup, especially at the cost of the Fractal AX8…but she’s quite blown away now that she’s heard the difference. The proof of the pudding will be tomorrow (Friday) night’s show in Aberdeen…and also next week’s Edinburgh and Glasgow shows.

I rehearse my set in the afternoon then pack the great ready for tomorrow.

In the office I do a bit of last-minute online promo for the Aberdeen show before calling it a day and heading back to the house.

Dinner, wine and a documentary about Australian rock and AC/DC.