Thursday 12 May 2016

MY call time for Scrotal Recall isn’t ’til 3pm, so time to get some work done this morning before we head in to Glasgow.

I have some work to do on the website and a bunch of merch orders to parcel up…some Hellbound Train pre-orders to go in the ‘to be sent out on…’ pile, and some orders for current merch as well as an Amazon consignment.

Margaret’s got a short 1.30pm meeting in Glasgow so I drop her off and find a McDonalds for coffee and free wifi where I finish off some bits and bobs of work I didn’t have time for before we left. Half an hour later I go back for Margaret and she drops me at the Scrotal Recall production hub in the east end.

The location isn’t that clear from my call sheet, but we eventually find it and I’m still in good time. I get my paperwork out the way, progress to wardrobe where I’m asked to change out my red shirt into a bright yellow alternative I have in my bag. Jeez…it’s a bright coloured shirt  glad I’ve got my RayBans!

Filming is at the Barras a short walk away. There’s quite a few folks I know on set which is good..and it;s nice to meet a whole bunch of new folks. It’s a wrap just before 7pm so I call Margaret and walk into the city centre to meet her.

I’m pretty done in when we get home and uncertainty of my finish time meant no dinner was planned so it’s a quick bowl of pasta and a beer, catch up on some work and emails then we flop in front of the telly.