Friday 27 July 2018

IT’S nearly 11am when we wake up at Jon and Maggi’s.

I’m feeling a little rough, but a shower helps and Jon’s got bacon rolls on the go when we get downstairs. Maggi’s off to meet her sister in Edinburgh how she got up and into town in time to catch her bus I’ll never know.

A few mugs of coffee later I’m feeling right as rain. We say cheerio then stop at Achilles Heel on Great Western Road. Margaret’s delighted with the shoes she got there a month or two ago, but is getting pins and needles on one foot and wants some advice.

Stef and the folks in the shop are brilliant and offer lots of advice,make a few adjustments to her shoes and suggest if there’s no change they’ll work out some kind of exchange. Amazing service.

Next stop, Costco for some shopping and a late lunch,t hen Chung Ying, Tesco and home.

There’s a fair bit of work and stuff to catch up on then we make a batch of burgers for the kids coming tomorrow.

I get some more work done while Margret prepares pinchitos for dinner then we relax for a while in front of the telly and have a much-needed early night.