Wednesday 21 March 2018

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First up at the Quay Sessions is Annie Booth…

WE’RE off to the BBC’s Quay Sessions this evening, so both of us go into Glasgow early.

I drop Margaret off then go for coffee and spend an few hours on the local community trust website before parking up at the People’s Palace and wandering into town to pick up some mail.

After a quick snack I get a few bits and bobs of shopping then pick up Margaret. We head to Ikea to check out lighting for the new kitchen, wander around a bit then have some grub before parking up at the BBC’s Pacific Quay.

There’s a fair amount of hanging around for the ticket validation.

We elect to stand rather than the go for the rather restrictive seating, grab a couple of glasses of red then the music kicks of with Annie Booth and her band. Nice stuff.

Even better is second act – Albin Lee Meldau from Gothenburg currently enjoying ‘album of the week’ status on Radio 2.

We discuss the evening on the way home. The music from both was good. For me, though, there was very little performance or entertainment beyond the music. It’s all very safe. That’s probably why, we conclude, that Margaret’s numerous efforts to get me on the Quay Sessions over the last year or two have fallen on deaf ears.

…then some nice stuff from Albin Lee Meldau

Thursday 23 March 2017

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Edwyn Collins brings some magic to the BBC Quay Sessions

WE drive into Glasgow early, drop Margaret off, then I take Mikey to the bus station before making my way to Braehead.

I’ve only just got a coffee and the laptop open when an alarm goes off and the place is evacuated due to ‘an incident’. I sit in the car and get some work done, then go back inside and do some work on trying to sell the guitars/amo to finance the live album pressing.

Next job is trying to suss out how to work OBS – the live streaming software I hope to employ on my next Facebook Livestream. It’s not the simplest configuration, but I eventually get some tests done that suggest I’ve nailed it, We’ll see.

I pick up a bean wrap in M&S for lunch then have a walk before picking up Margaret and stopping off at Ikea to kill some time before we go to the BBC for tonight’s Quay Sessions.

We bump into a few folks we know and catch up with my cousin Sharon who’s in charge of proceedings. It;s a special Quay Sessions – not only because Edwyn Collins is playing, but also because the event kicks of the BBC’s 6Music Festival which is happening in Glasgow over the next few days.

Modern Studies kick things off, followed by Anchorsong and then headliner Edwyn Collins to complete a great night of music.

My cousin Sharon welcomes the audience to the BBC Radio Scotland/6 Music Festival Quay Sessions.

Modern Studies kick off the evening

Anchorsong – accompanied by a string quartet for his Quay Sessions set


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