Saturday 25 March 2017

A good crowd of us at Smoke BBQ – and good food, although not a patch on my own smoked stuff, even if I do say so myself 😉

A HEAP of stuff to be done this morning.

I have to re-list some of the gear I have for sale online with revised prices. Time’s getting tight on vinyl and CD production for the new album and I need to shift the gear and get some cash in.

There’s a community lunch on today and although we’re heading into Glasgow we’re gonna take a daunder along to the village first. We have a bowl of soup and catch up with some pals.

It’s a lovely day and nice to get a walk and some fresh air.

We’re not long home when Catriona arrives. We’re off into Glasgow for the afternoon evening – Margaret, Catriona and Lesley are having cocktails and a girly afternoon, then we’re meeting Matty and his pals for his birthday get-together.

I’ve got some stuff to get done then we all hook up at Smoke BBQ in West Regent Street. It’s pretty good and I enjoy my ‘brisket plate’ although there’s not much evidence of smoke and the burnt ends are anything but…still, it’s good.

After we’ve eaten we all wander up to the Howling Wolf for a drink then Lesley goes to the station and I drive Margaret, Catriona and myself back home where we chat over a few drinks before bed.