Friday 15 July 2016

Reading support Greg Mayston plays a fine opening set

Reading support Greg Mayston plays a fine opening set

WE CONTINUE heading south today – last show of the mini-tour tonight at Smokin’ Billy’s in Reading.

Check out time’s 11am, but I still have some stuff to finish off, so I sit in the hotel foyer and take care of business while Margaret packs the car.

Just a few hundred miles but traffic jams every 50 miles or so make for slow progress.

Our hotel’s not too far from the venue and there’s time to stop off, dump our bags and have a coffee before we head for Smokin’ Billy’s.

We load in at the venue – a big American style restaurant-cum-club not unlike a Hard Rock Cafe that’s home to Reading’s Third Friday Blues while the arts centre’s refurbished.

Our pals Scott and Sue arrive just as I finish soundcheck and join us while we eat. The place fills up and just after 8pm Greg Mayston takes the stage for a short opening set of nicely played tunes.

The night goes swimmingly and we have a great time, lots of folks to chat to after the show and then we make our way back to the hotel, getting there sometime after midnight for a wee dram and a snack before bed.

Hotel breakfast on a budget...strawberries, croissants and coffee...fine by me :-)

Hotel breakfast on a budget…strawberries, croissants and coffee…fine by me 🙂