Thursday 12 April 2018

AFTER my regular morning slot working on songs in the studio I decide to do a Facebook livestream – the latest in the songwriting process/progress updates.

I get everything set up, connection is good. But when I go live, the internet drops out after about 10 seconds. Can;t see what the problem is, other than there’s no connection. I’d announced I’d be doing the livestream so can;t really delay it..I dash over to the house and pick up from there.

The livestream’s a bit of a disaster. The guitar I grab to illustrate a developing riff and song is horribly out of tune, I;m not sitting comfortably and my banjo playing shoddy…plus I left all the new lyrics etc over in the studio. On the upside, it shows reality, which is something I think folks like in the often faceless, over-sanitised world of social media.

After lunch I have two main priorities…my accounts/tax return and USA visa stuff. I plump for the visa stuff. 

Although i have contracts for a lot of my October/November – and some future bookings through the three year period I want the O-1 visa to cover – USA tour shows, the visa petition rules have changed a bit and venues/promoters/bookers now have to expressly authorise the lawyers petitioning on my behalf to include the contracts.

That’s a pain as I’d already gone to lengths over the last few months to get the contracts in place and have all my paperwork ready to go as soon as I had the cash to pay the lawyers.

Thankfully the digital signing services of SignNow make things less of a logistical problem than in the past, but I still have to spend the rest of the day creating documents and sending them out for electronic signature.

Meantime, Margaret’s been sorting out Glasgow and Edinburgh shows for later on in November. We’ll announce them in the next week or so.

I’ve not long finished when Mikey rolls up. He’s staying over tonight ‘cos he’s working in Stirling.

We eat early as we’re hitting the local pub to have a birthday drink with Jane and a load of pals down form Dundee…and Margaret’s made a pavlova as a birthday cake.






Thursday 3 November 2016

Great to catch our pal Ted and Scissormen in Providence...

Great to catch our pal Ted and Scissormen in Providence…

A DAY off today…and we’re in the same hotel, so no mad rush to get stuff done before check out!

After breakfast I restring my guitars ready for the final three shows of the tour then we do a quick Facebook Livestream.

An email from my cousin in New York alerts us to Sunday’s New York Marathon which will close lots of streets in Manhattan so we need to plan ahead for getting back into New York, unloading gear and getting the rental car back to Hackensack, New Jersey. Hmmm…

A tweet alerts me that I’ve been nominated in the European Blues Awards ‘best solo/acoustic’ category – voting is open – if you feel that way inclined you can show me some love here!

Our pal Ted form Nashville is playing tonight in Providence with his band Scissormen…and his wife Laurie will be in town too. We head our for some grub then wander to the venue. Great to catch up with Ted and Laurie and catch an awesome show 🙂

...and catch up with everyone. Couldn't be a better way to spend a night off...perfect timing Ted :-)

…and catch up with everyone. Couldn’t be a better way to spend a night off…perfect timing Ted 🙂






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